Non-Illuminated Signage

Whether you are in a well-lit area or permission doesn’t allow for illuminated signage, we will ensure your signage still stands out amongst the rest.

There is a wide choice of materials that you are able to use that will suit your budget. From cost effective plastic to aluminium or stainless steel for a stylish look. You will not be limited in the choice you have, with thousands of fonts to choose from, colours and flat or built up letters, there is a sign waiting for your business!

non lighted

Trough Lighted Signage

A trough light is tube lighting fitted outside and above the side with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium bracket. The bracket is available in the standard colours of black and white or in many other colours to match your signage.


Light Boxes

An aluminium box with internal illumination allows you to branch out and create many other designs from this basic foundation. From cost effective vinyl, to stunning aluminium and built up letters, let your creative side go wild!

light box

Double-Sided Signage

Eye-catching for passing trade as signage protrudes outwards from the building itself or erected onto pole fixings. This is usually made from aluminium, perspex, vinyl and can even be built up and lit.

double sided

Fret Cut Illuminated Signage

This type of signage requires the text or logo to be laser cut and then backed in Perspex, in any colour of your choice, with LEDs fitted behind. This is ideal for signage that requires only the text or logo to be illuminated in a flat option.

fret cut

Curved Signage

Curved signage is only available in aluminium due to its durability and the process of creating a curved sign. Many customers opt for this due to it protruding outwards, making it more visable and attracting more customers. This type of sign is great on its own or can have built up letters and illumination for more attention.